Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Magnolia Tree Next Door.

Magnolia grandiflora or Bull Bay.

Beloved by songbirds. The seed is enclosed in a bright red, fleshy aril with a high fat content. It provides migrating birds with much needed energy as they fly South.

Beloved by the birds and wildlife that stay behind, as they find shelter in it's dense green foliage.

Beloved by the beetles who pollinate the flowers. A food source high in protein. Pollinated by beetles, because these trees have been around for twenty million years, long before the birth of bees.

Beloved by me, when I laugh at the capers of the squirrels as they bounce from branch to branch. I look down at the tree from the window in my bedroom and see the pointed buds form. I am astonished by the blossoms as they unfurl to the size of dinner plates. One flower perfumes an entire room. A fallen creamy petal carries the scent. Even this seed cone is fragrant in a woodsy kind of way.

Magnolia Tree!

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oohh Lily- LOVE the shop! xxx