Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Red Wednesday.

Every film that I work on is like a monarchy. Or a bee-hive. There's a king and a queen and a royal family... and then there's us lowly workers buzzing around frantically, trying our best to get everything done properly, without running out of nectar or pollen.

Some kings and queens are much nicer than others.

At the moment I'm watching money disappear, not in a trickle, but in a great gushing river. This is La La Land after all, so it's part of the process. Somehow though, this time, it's hard to watch. It often feels as though things are solely done to pacify the histrionics of the royals. And you know those stories you hear, the ones about the rock stars only wanting bowls of red jelly beans in their dressing rooms? Well, those stories are true, and in this case take that story and multiply it a hundredfold.

Louis Vuitton polka dot pumps: R 9 800.
The matching purse: R 11 500.
There are offers for work after this. People say: go with your gut, trust your instinct.
What if it all feels wrong?
Maybe you can lie under a tree for a few days until something comes along that does feel right.
I can barely wait.

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Marie said...

SO interesting. Damn those non disclosure contracts. I have had just a taste of movie stardom in my life, and that friendship ended for very similar reasons (but thank god it wasn't paying my rent). You can only take so many red jelly beans before you get gatvol.