Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fifteen minutes with Daisy.


Leslie said...

Ha! What a cool post. Whenever I see a blog post title that doesn't immediately tell me what it's about, my mind always begins to wonder. In this case, I had no idea who Daisy might be, and when I saw the first picture, I couldn't tell right away that it was a wall.

Then the people began to show up and I realized it was 15 mins worth of folks walking by. Brilliant! I looked at each picture carefully before moving on to the next, noting shadows and clothing, then got curious if anyone who'd gone past in one direction had come back in the other.

Anyway, very absorbing post for something so simple. Thanks! And I think it should be a series, perhaps a blogland-wide series like 15 Minute Friday or something. *That* would be cool.

the sourcerer said...

Ahh - thanks Leslie.
It all happened spontaneously on a little Sunday afternoon drive... and I guess I should have had a tripod. What amazed me was that there was constant action (missed quite a few shots because of cars and minibus taxis and police cars with sirens racing past) but in that time, no-one crossed each other at that spot - it was always one way or the other.
Joburg made me discover that I like being in one place for a while and watching the action. Cape Town is different.
But here's to experimenting!