Monday, January 6, 2014

Love is written about.

I woke up with this dream lingering in my head:
I was giving a big golden labrador a bath. We knew each other well, this dog and I. His eyes closed, a slight smile on his face, he leaned back into my hand as I brushed his furry head with soap and a soft scrubbing brush.

If it is true that you are all the people, or the animals, in your dreams… then I would like to think that I am allowing myself to slip into contentment. Believing that I am loved.

We spent the last blustery day of the summer break pottering in the garden. Digging, planting, drinking fresh mint tea. Laundry snapping on the line.

Back to work we go. The tender new plants will be watched in our absence, by the others.


Rosie said...

Lily, I have goose bumps. That is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

the sourcerer said...

Pleasure Rosie Rose.

Marie said...