Saturday, August 13, 2011

Doves and Battle Ships.

Peace and War.
Two years ago, I worked on a film about a submarine. We were immersed in the forties and it was then that I decided I'd like a grey room one day. (The wishes are coming true, one by one.)

 The colour of a freshly painted battle ship, darker than the doves that peep through the sky lights into my bedroom. Mixed by a man from Khayelitsha called Wonder. Drop by drop. Wonder Grey.


Karen said...

Its beautiful Lily, you've got me itching to do a bit of spring cleaning and decorating - actually I could do with a lot of spring cleaning!

The Sourcerer said...

thanks Karen.. yes, I'm having fun playing house. :-)

arcadia said...

Mal oor die muur. En daardie Polynesia foto's ruk die hartsnare.