Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I was very relieved to learn from Oprah that the first step to happiness is the place where you live. I've been feeling a little over-zealous about my new home. Toning down when I speak of it and so on, so as not to appear maniacal.
But the truth is that it has been life changing. I smile every time I walk through the door. Every time I go up the stairs to the loft. Every time I hear a cock crow on the farm.
Every time I look out of a window, I see the horizon. I spend many happy hours cloud-watching.

Last night I heard a girl in an apartment across the street singing along to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. At the top of her lungs. "Home". The reflections of clouds had me enraptured.

The end of hibernation has come. Hello World.


arcadia said...

Ek is so bly vir jou. My woonstel is een van die beste elemente in my lewe. Mens moet nooit die invloed van 'n woning onderskat nie.

The Sourcerer said...


Marie said...

Jy't dit nie regtig by Oprah geleer nie! Say it ain't so.

But - happiness. Quite a word. En ek is baie bly.

The Sourcerer said...

ha ha!
wel, sy het ook gesê die tweede stap is (drumroll... ) seks.
who am I to argue. slim vrou, daai Oprah.

dankie Marie.