Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Church, Bread, Milk, Honey.

This morning I felt I had to go and try out an egg & bacon pastry at Bread, Milk & Honey, after reading about them on The Foodie. He waxes lyrical. And yes - it was darn good. But teeny. I could have eaten four. The banana & berry smoothie helped to fill my growling belly.
I read the Afrikaans newspaper for the first time in years. The word "soesjikroeg" had me puzzled for a moment, until I read that it was in the "ontkleeklub". Sushi bar in the strip club. hm.

 I popped in at Church, the little shop next door, to talk to that dude with the afro. The entire place is papered with painted cardboard and brown packaging tape. Had a good browse - there are interesting things from here to Bueunos Aires. Lovely wooden inlay work with unexpected subject matter. Chunky wooden rings and bracelets. Books. And, of course, the piñatas...
Predictably, I liked the panting dog.

 But was swayed in the direction of the Batmen when I was told that you get an adult and a children's version. The one is filled with sweeties and the other... well, he wouldn't say.

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