Saturday, July 17, 2010

R30 for you darling.

The boot sale was on top form this morning. I broke the little deal I recently made with myself about not buying more stuff. (Well I did sell my leather couch the other day, with profit, so there's a hole to fill) Anyway, the sweet gentleman on the far corner had this pocket-sized Chinese cloche. Inside it is a variety of plant life, a pagoda on a craggy cork cliff and two cranes wading through the rushes.

 My companion today was the foxy Fraulein M, fresh back from a sojourn in Stuttgart. A while back I asked for her help in decoding the German website of the Hagemann Company. I've been looking for an old botanical chart for the longest time and she kindly brought one back for me. Hagemann continues to make these charts in the 1950's way, printed on thick canvas, with wooden supports, top and bottom. I chose chart #36, the Drosera Rotundifolia or Flowering Sundew, including it's dinner of a fly. I can't stop looking at it.

 After a lovely lunch facing Lion's Head with flocks of swooping birds in the sky, I came home to find that the butterflies were back on the honey bushes. Hundreds of them.

 (Butterfly: ORIGIN Old English , from butter + fly 2 ; perhaps from the cream or yellow color of common species, or from an old belief that the insects stole butter.)


Marie said...

That drosera really is amazing. Have you seen the D. cuneifolia on Table Mountain? - pink flowers.

Andrea said...

so much for the laptop ban in bed i chortle, because guess who's just read all of July under the comfort of feathers! Lil so sooooo wonderful. i'm muchos happily hooked. no pressure, but DON'T STOP ... PLEASE ;-)

tanja said...

yep, so much for the no blog reading when there's painting to be done rule. you hooked another joy. keep writing lovely lady. tis a treat to be inspired by your styley ways across the pond.