Friday, July 16, 2010

"Everything you need is already inside." - Superette Dinner Plate

I went to Superette shortly after they opened last year. I ordered a sandwich to go and was told that take-aways had an extra charge of R5.00 for wrapping and a brown paper bag. I said I'd take my sandwich in my hand with a paper napkin. I got a dirty look and was told that that was against restaurant policy. I told them in a courteous way to stuff their sandwich and left.
So it was with some scepticism that I joined the Rowdy Bunch there for Supper Club last night. 
The menu was vegetarian and my plan was to take notes and write a proper grown-up review, but I was way too distracted by the fun we were having to do that. Things became really interesting after the asian noodle bowl. The second course was a grainy purée of cauliflower topped with small medallions of I knew not what. The hearts of some divine vegetable encased in a crisp batter (palms, I was later told), scatterings of chopped nuts and tiny morsels of al dente cauliflower.

  Next a risotto of quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) and smoked carrot (!).
Dessert was an ethereal chocolate panna cotta with cinnamon ice-cream, served with frothy little glassfuls of macchiato.
The only thing I ended up making a note of was the wine. Vrede & Lust 2005 SIMOND, a shiraz / cabernet sauvignon / merlot blend. It was smoky plummy burnt jammy good.
I loved the crockery with handwritten quotations and the linen napkins. The portion size was perfect for me, but probably not enough for a hungry man.  ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

 Before supper I went to the Book Lounge for the launch of Henrietta Rose-Innes' new collection of short stories, "Homing".  Henrietta is known as the queen of the South African short story and she was in conversation with the winsome Diane Awerbuck. Their repartee was relaxed, witty and bright.
Looking forward to some reading this week-end.

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mike berg said...

a honestly simple account of our rowdy evening at superette....lekker gevreet,lekker gedrink en lekker gemerry.
it was a pleasure spending it with you.