Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthdays & Love Affairs

This from Fraulein M: "Lili, I want you to put this recipe on your faceblog!"
Laughter and the clinking of glasses and spoons against bowls. There's something immensely satisfying about feeding a bunch of hungry friends.  My love affair with food will certainly never end.

 Felt a little delicate the next morning. Wandered through the National Gallery with the Better Halves. They were married in the Gallery last year, next to the painting of the horses. I think their love affair is rather grand.
He inspects...
From Pierneef to Gugulective. An outstanding collection of South African art and photography from 1910-2010. Lovely till the batteries all ran out. How do girls wear heels every day? The red boots are nice but definitely not made for walking. Though they did get me a compliment from a stranger. Thanks guy, you made me smile.

 I was looking forward to dinner at Ginja - I wanted them to blind me with science. But they have closed. Again. So to The Wooden Shoe we went. Still the same, after all these years! Veal cooked with brandy, cream and mushrooms, served with pan-fried spätzle. Hmmm.

 There's much to be said for being taken out to dinner by someone who knows you inside out. Our love affair is over and we've seen the best and the worst and all of the in between but we still have time for each other and probably always will.
Thanks to The Lip. 
The Wooden Shoe. St John's Rd, Sea Point. 021 439 4435


Marie said...

I like your Cape Town. Heppi heppi heppi late birthday!!!

Lily Turner said...

Why thank you Miss New York. I look forward to meeting you one day.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back. And again by having an interesting post.