Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~ The Duchess Of Wisbeach ~

 The birthday treats continue... I was taken out to dinner last night by the two big P's and one small. (A special thank you to the Tall Drink Of Water for the restaurant recommendation.)
We just loved The Duchess Of Wisbeach. Casually flamboyant, it's ultra-styley without feeling too contrived. Black, white and dove-grey. Small china dogs on each table. FULL of happy diners.

 The grown-ups all had the Karoo Lamb Chops. Three to a plate! They came served with grilled baby eggplant + vine tomatoes and a velvety zesty mint sauce. Cooked to a tee. I had to send my compliments to the chef. Chef Amy is seriously good, she had her dishes flying out of that little kitchen hot and fast. She sent me a nod and a shy smile.
It was a relief when the Duke gave us permission to eat our chops with our hands. Miss Pucci has no qualms - she eats everything with her fingers. Messily, but with great delicacy. Then she dips her hand in the water glass for a quick rinse. The table looked like the scene of utter carnage what with all those bones.
The dessert. Well. I'm lost for words. Baked apricot pudding with toffee sauce and creamy banana ice cream. It vanished in two minutes flat.

 A goblet of Grappa was taken for the constitution.
In the Ladies Room, a gold-framed fax page reads in a hasty scribble:
You are a lousy lover,
a careless husband and a bad father 
and you can cook yourself an egg tomorrow night.

 ❤ Thanks to R, C and the munchkin.
The Duchess Of Wisbeach: Wisbeach Rd, Sea Point, 
021 434 1525


Marie said...

Oh! I want to quote that fax on my food blog. It's wonderful.

Live the water glass finger bowl.

Marie said...

Love, actually.

But it can live, too...

Lily Turner said...

Oh Marie - by all means share it!