Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Rush Job.

One and a half day's prep. No recce notes. Flying around gathering brandy snifters, sparklers and poker chips. Set builders under duress. A couple of sleepless nights.

 This makes sense to me: you want an end product in ultra slow motion, with plenty of detail. So you need more information. But 2000 frames per second? I can barely bend my brain around that. For everyday film the frame rate is 24. The Photosonics camera is a noisy one... and goes through film stock like the very hungry caterpillar.

 Monster spot lights called Super Troupers. Smoke and mirrors, broken glass. Grips eating boudoir biscuits. Our leading lady: the magnificent Palesa. She has extraordinary grace and always a ready smile. What a star.

  The workday started at 4 in the morning and ended at midnight. Another whole day in overtime. Everyone was talking about $$$. But all I could think of was ZZZz.