Friday, September 10, 2010

A Schooner named Coral.

 That's her, circa 1926. A gaff-rigged schooner built in England in 1902, the mistress of her captain for the last twenty years. A pleasure vessel. A day tripper. The Captain: Ozzie Osbourne in casual Friday form. The Birthday Girl: a Polish beauty dressed in black.

 The crowd: mostly architects, eating crostini with salmon, lemon & capers. Carpaccio with roasted peppers and artichokes. All garnished with fat mulberries and Sweet William petals.
Overheard snippets of conversation about Kenyan houseboys and difficult vegan children.

 We didn't leave the marina. Sunday promises a sail proper. November, a long cruise. Crew needed. I have offered my services as cook. Only half in jest.


ckzero said...

What a beauty Coral is. But what a small world this is!

I had the pleasure of a sail, a beautiful day out in Table Bay. And I was on the grandest vessel out.

See my pics at

Lily Turner said...

C - mooi fotos!!!