Monday, September 27, 2010


 I loved the drive to Matjiesfontein. Flashing by as I drove: black-headed sheep, children waving, rosy mountains in the late afternoon and itty-bitty railway halts with names like Konstabel and Tweeside. The soundtrack was loud and perfect: Dead Man's Bones, Electrelane, Slim Gaillard and a
smattering of Captain Beefheart.

 The Lord Milner Hotel is a Victorian beaut. If you ever go, nab the Honeymoon Suite - it has twin bath tubs! The weekend there reminded me of being on a cruise ship in days of yore - planned activities, breakfast and dress-up dinners in the dining room... 
This was the fifth annual Show'n'Tell, but my first. I plan to go forevermore.

 Photos by Damien Schumann - a great capturer of the moment. He had a secret printer and photos appeared in the foyer as if by magic. He also did a very graceful dance with fire.

 Music, theatre, crafts and general hilarity.

The Magician Dude entertains the tinies before the Bioscope. In the Laird's Arms Bar the night before, he had us crying with laughter in an act that had him multiplying red foam balls, finding money in lemons and stripping down to his boxers.

 Waiting in line, the Folk Singer did some impromptu strumming. He has a voice sweet like honey and takes frequent naps.

 The Speed Confessional Booth by Doctor Ruth. Discretion not a guarantee. So I confessed to being fickle when it came to matters of the heart. That I fell in love at the drop of a hat, but quickly suffered from lassitude. My prescription, drawn from that hat:
learn a foreign accent.

 Croquet was played, as was Boule. Gin & tonics and champagne on tap. A morning of crossword puzzles on the lawn. Things never stopped happening.

 I've always loved the colours and the smells of the Karoo. And the water tastes like copper coins. 
Back soon I hope.


Marie said...

Ha, I remember those twin baths. Spent some New Year's Eves and days there with family and friends about 3 yeasr in a row. My dad broke up a knife and botle fight at that pool on Tweede Nuwejaar (how many words?). Is the bread still so good?

Marie said...

oopsr :-) badtypr

Lily Turner said...

:) you been drinking prosecco on the roof again? bread: government sliced, alas. the food not so fine, but the occasion fantastic.

Marie said...


Ag no man! I can't believe you didn't get the bread: Phillida was the lady who baked it. I don't remember the food, so it was obviously forgettable, but not deadly :-)