Saturday, January 22, 2011

Balkan Beat Box.

6h57. That's when I stumbled home this morning.
I admit to believing that the whole Balkan thing is passé, but last night's party was dazzling. Even though I still won't rush out to buy the record, Balkanology now has my undying support. This is the kind of music that you need to see live. You need to feel the booming against your breastbone. Get swept up by the crowd of Gypsy Funksters in their nimbus of patchouli and dope smoke.

Kudos to the belly dancer on stilts. And to the friendliest crowd I've ever come across. And to my darling friends: I'm so lucky to know you.


Anonymous said...

saw you dancing upfront. a fine sight

Anonymous said...

Yes I reckoned this would be a good one. I, alas, was playing another tune, called DomestiCardo.

Lily Turner said...

remind me to tell you my dream about you, me, the kittens and the babies. x

Chris said...

we're lucky to have you. x