Saturday, January 8, 2011

What do you do when you're feeling blue?

You take a last look at photos of a place you'll probably never go back to, have a good long cry and decide:

Then, you go and see a rockin' rockabilly band.
Them Tornadoes. I'm their number one fan.

How can you not like this trio of madcaps? Simon Perry on the bull fiddle with teeth. Matt Ferguson - he stands and bangs the snare. In a kilt. And the inimitable Ian Arrow, main snake charmer. Him with the rubber limbs. They were joined for a few numbers by Lonesome Dave on the harmonica. That man is the king of the harp.
Their happiness as they make this music is ridiculously infectious.
And the roof of the Grand Daddy Hotel was the perfect place for it.

She wore them with a popeye dress.
Spotted in the stairwell: a dress made of maps. One flight up there is a suit.
Oh. And: happy birthday Elvis!


Marie said...

Jeepers. I thought that was Matthew Ferguson. Last saw him when his sister and I were university pals. Creeeeak.

Lily Turner said...

he has this crazy windmill move he does with his left arm when he drums. and he smiles ALL the time. very cool. and let me tell you - the last thing on your mind when you listen to them is those creaks. :-)

arcadia said...

Excellent. Btw, ons is mal oor jou musiek mix! Luister die laaste paar dae heeltyd daarna :-)

Lily Turner said...

Arcadia - ek is so bly, dis altyd 'n bietjie van 'n gamble. Daar's nog baie om te deel.