Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello World!

Our New Year's Eve dinner. Spartan but delicious. It included dancing on a rooftop. 

01/01/11. Dawn.
This day is marked by thunder and soft rain.
And pushing the boundaries of shyness.
The meeting of cyber-friends. Marie and I have been linking and commenting since June last year. Through her blog I came across Voer and they came across me. There's been talk for some time about the connection of dots and lunch under a tree in Constantia when everyone's in town. There were blizzards and there was snow, but finally they all arrived from New York, Southampton and Arcadia.
Marie neglected to say that this tree is the biggest plane tree in the world, with leaves the size of dinner plates. It was a long and lazy lunch. We ate like kings. Read the menu here.

If someone had said to me last New Year's day: 'A year from today you will have lunch with ten fantastic strangers as a result of your blog.', I would have laughed and asked: what is a blog exactly?

What a wonderful world we live in.


Chris said...

Blooming awesome.

Marie said...

Thank you for coming, Lily. I'm not sure I would have been that brave. :-) It was so nice to meet you at last, and thank goodness someone took pictures, mine are awful!

Marijke said...

Fantastic - yes it is a strange a lovely world!

arcadia said...

Was dit nie net heerlik nie? So bly ons kon dit doen.