Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hesheng Dim Sum.

Stufted (sic) Pork Bun, Fried Cake Of Leek, Pork Potstickers... 
 A kind of rolled pork pancake with crispy bits. 
Steamed dumplings with a whole shrimp in each one. 
Flavour and texture overload. You wait until the dumpling is cool enough to eat the whole thing in one go, that way you experience the delicious explosion of fragrant liquid surrounding the filling. 
I often hear the judges on Masterchef say: the flavours sing in the mouth. 
Well. At Hesheng, try and stop the choir.

Many thanks to the lovely family who took me out to dinner.

Hesheng, across the road from the Adelphi Centre, Sea Point Main Road. No bookings.


Anonymous said...

oh wow lily, i can't wait to try this! thank you for posting :)

the sourcerer said...

and it's really reasonable too!

D said...

Finally got there. Thank you, thank you for the tip. Linked to you from my post at