Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Eternal Lovers.

My parents, on their honeymoon in Durban, in the sixties.
My Father was a surgeon, my Mother his theatre sister. She'd pass him instruments and think to herself: "He has such beautiful hands!" Behind his back they called him Dr. Dreamboat.
They had supper by candlelight every night. They danced in the kitchen. Us kids would roll our eyes and the daschund went beserk.

My Grandmother and Grandfather on the beach in Jeffreys Bay. (In matching swim suits!)
I'm not sure how they met, but I have this dance card from 1924.

Eight dances, including first and last, to P.,
my Grandfather.
So romantic.

How did your parents meet?


Chris said...

mom and dad met in small town karoo. he pursued her and wooed her to no avail. eventually won her heart by fixing her bicycle. :-)
they're happy.

Petro said...

My father played in a band. My Mom went to the dance. He was engaged to someboge else. But...they got married within a year. She was 18, he was 26. She was Afrikaans, he was a Boerejood. They had 6 children and they were together for 43 years. Then he died.

Lily Turner said...

fantastic... I'd like to write stories about these things.

Marie said...

My father won a Best Legs competition in the '50's in Bloemfontein, something to do with the Reps, who staged plays, regularly, and in which both my parents acted.... I believe the men in the competition had to wear stockings and heels, and appeared anonymously behind a dropped curtain, showing just the legs...My mom voted for his legs.