Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wasting time in a better way.

It's Friday. Finally you have the day off.
You lounge around in your pajamas till noon. Finish that book. Dream a little, about something that seems unattainable. Swim. Walk down the road for a coffee with the man of the generous heart.

Go back there later for a drink. Try the house cocktail. Army Navy: Stoli, Orgeat, lime and slush puppy ice. The flavor of bitter almonds evokes dark thoughts of cyanide and half-requited love.
Have another.
Cook for your friends.
Accept that Yotam Ottolenghi is king. Tofu shines in a new light. (Stop wondering about the book, people! Buy it. He knows of what he preaches.)

Swim. Underwater, in the dark.
This is a highly underrated activity.
Go to bed smiling.


Roy said...

half-requited love.
you gave me a half smile the other night.
I think your blog is amazing.

Lily Turner said...

thanks Roy. x

Chris said...

time for a coffee next week appletart?

tanja said...

black pepper tofu cannot be beat, that is true. almost as good as swimming in the dark. that sounds like a well fancy friday. you go, tart!