Monday, February 21, 2011

Time Flies at the Bellevue Lounge and one morning in New York City.

There's something about having a party at a house on a Saturday night, with an almost full Sugar Moon... something pretty wonderful. The Time Flies must be one of my favourite bands. They evoke that feeling you get just before lift-off. They ended their set with a rocking dirty version of "Blue Moon". A young girl said to me, breathlessly: I always thought he was cool, but John Trafford is GOD!

DJ Appletart dusted off the decks and played for the first time in two years. I'd forgotten how nice it is to fill a dance floor.  Halfway in, the tall drink of water joined on percussion and MC Mr Nimbus had the crowd shouting. Thanks to the Cutie with the eyeliner for keeping me cool and watered for two hours and to Be, for twiddling the controls.
2h30 Found me... still at the party. Knowing that I had to get up at something to do with a four again. 
Is this what people mean when they talk about a midlife crisis? If so, I like this part. 
I felt like a teenager with no curfew.
Like an egg in a whisk.

Dawn in the city. We shot an iced tea commercial in a play play New York.
The day passed by like a dream.


Adi said...

Hej Appletart!
just read on FB what JT said about your set: really eclectic, interestin', offbeat and totally, totally danceable.
cant believe I missed your comeback.

Adi said...

er. sorry. I meant what GOD said about your set.

Lily Turner said...

wish you'd been there. wish I was still there...

Chris said...

'like an egg in a whisk'
I love that.
who's the cutie then, miss tart?