Saturday, February 12, 2011

Perhaps love IS a hat.

 My previous post resulted in numerous phone calls and a bag full of mail. Thank you!
An astute friend wrote:
Love might be a hat. If we had no control over falling in love, then many of us would live lives full of guilt and remorse and regret. I've held back from falling in love, sensing that it could be more dangerous and destructive than pleasurable. I think there is a point where, consciously or unconsciously, a decision is made to fall, or to stand on the brink, or to step back entirely. To admire the hat, to lift it up and look at it from all angles, or to put it on.
I hope she doesn't mind me quoting her. This is a person of great integrity - a rare quality these days.
I'm a careful person. I've not been in love many times,
but I fall in love like... 
falling off a cliff. 

My friend's words have made a large impression and I'm taking a step back to reflect.


Marie said...

Some hats also blow off in a big wind...

I agree with the Astute Friend. But all too often we ignore the weather forecast.

Karl said...

I just want one that shields me from the elements and people don't laugh at... and doesn't blow away in a breeze.

Lily Turner said...

Yes. you want someone to watch your back.

I think the trick is not to ignore your gut feeling, but it all becomes a bit cloudy when you fall head over heels.

arcadia said...

Ek stem saam met jou vriendin. Soms weet mens net dinge gaan fucked-up eindig. En dan stap mens weg.