Saturday, May 14, 2011

... and then there was beer.

It was cold and misty on the pier.
I met my oldest friend in the world for a Belgian beer tasting at Den Anker. ZAR 130 buys you eight dinky glasses of beer and four tapas.
We worked our merry way through the pale and perfumy Blanche de Bruxelles, to the amber richness of De Koninck. Alongside cheese croquettes, small chunks of grilled sirloin with mustard, prawns, bitterballen...
A lovely way to spend a Thursday afternoon.
I can get used to this not-having-a-job lark.
For lunch today:
The grass-fed beef and ale pie at The Power & The Glory.

I salute the cook.


Chris said...

I m green.

Cuke said...

What a treasure chest! And I'm nice round #14,500 - nice to see quality appreciated - those green suede shoes are just around the corner ;)