Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sweat and tears.

So if you weren't at the Burn and you weren't at the Harley Davidson Club last night...
Them Tornadoes said on FB this morning that we rocked the club inside out. We certainly did.
I admit to having a bit of a fan crush on the Ferguson brothers - they're rockabilly stars after all. Dave was wearing one of my wardrobe favorites - the pin striped pant. Matt was there in his kilt. I've written all about them before, so suffice to say: it was a fantastic send-off.

I loved Peachy Keen.

And the girl fans.

If you ever wondered what the magic box of tricks looks like:

and twenty-four-odd harmonicas...

So long Dave and good luck.
You'll be missed.


Marie said...

It's funny to think that a much younger version of me was in Cape Town listening to a much younger version of them when I was at UCT. Dis lank gelede, meisie! And I am suitably humbled by your partying stamina :-)

Lily Turner said...

Thanks Marie - I'm trying to make up for all the times when I was too busy with work to go to the party...
someone reminded me last night that the brothers' first band was The Mavericks. I used to listen to them rehearse!