Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The things we do, continued.

During this lull after the commercial season, before the other work starts...
I am spending hours doing this kind of thing:
- lying on my bed reading the pile of books accumulated next to it.
- watching raindrops on the pool.
- curing olives from my friends' very own tree - Missions from Mowbray.
 - drinking coffee at The Power & The Glory.
-  playing records.
- getting to know my new camera.
- being kissed silly.
And this morning I spared a wonder: who shops at Louis Vuitton?
Slingback mules and patent peep toes. ZAR 7 400 a pair
(and yes - those are little golden padlocks on the back)
Bowling bag. ZAR 12 900


ckzero said...

silly lily ;-)

Lily Turner said...

Plau, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ? ?

Marie said...

We must know who is kissing you. Pictures, bio, stats.

Lily Turner said...


tanja said...

I agree with Marie. We must know. The rest is detail. Trifles and peccadilloes. Mere bits of fluff. Who is kissing tha Tart and indeed who is the Tart kissing? Now this is the stuff that award winning blog posts are made of. Award winning, I'm telling you.

Mista Fahrenheit said...

Is it easy to cure olives? Can you give a rough outline please. I am thinking of picking my neighbours olives which are just falling off their trees.
And big foodie tip: the chocolate mousse at Casa Labia (you will thank Allah for being alive). You may also enjoy the folly (you'll know what I mean when you go there). Well thought out combination of Italian cusine and Cape ingredients.

Lily Turner said...

Mista F:
'tis easy as pie.
I'll mail you the recipe.
and been meaning to go to C Labia -
thanks for the incentive!!