Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rock Paper Scissors, Black Ballpoint Pen.

My passport expired a year ago.
Why have I waited until now to renew it?
Because it's bloody dreary is why.
Home Affairs and their inability to answer the phone. The hither and thither between Customs House and Barrack Street. On foot past Mavericks: wretched middle-aged men in doorways smoking, waiting for a glimpse of the strippers.
Regarding your passport photo: You may no longer smile. And they want EYEBROWS and EARS.
I ended up looking like a victim of violence. Shocked, pale and bruised.
Nothing like me, I tell myself.
But hey. Hopefully I'll have a passport soon.
It could take 3 or 4 or 6 weeks, depending on who you ask. They'll text me, they say.

To rid myself of that feeling you get after being fingerprinted, I popped in at Church.
The entire shop is lined with paper leaves and fern fronds.


Chris said...


Lily Turner said...

The mighty Zambezi!
Vic Falls!

we'll be shooting there for a few weeks.
Me, who has never gone further than... well, Touws River for work.
baie opgewonde.

tanja said...

classy, that mavericks. classy. hey, you did it. and zambia. wow.