Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jungle Jim comes to town.

The Book Lounge is simply my favourite book shop in the universe. I nipped in tonight for the launch of Jungle Jim and had to fight my way through the crowd of black-clad young hipsters to buy a copy. The shark and bone cookies with neon icing were gone in a flash, but the wine was still flowing when I left an hour later. Spotted Nikhil Singh in the crowd - enigmatic front man for The Wild Eyes and also a contributor to issue #1.

Jungle Jim is dark and obscure, printed on thick newsprint stock and true to the tradition of pulp fiction,  smells deliciously of... ink. It's a smell that suffuses me with intense happiness. It's also all African, which equals more happiness.
ZAR 15 (alleenlik!) buys you all of this.

Another thing that made me smile today was a pair of door panels at Onsite Gallery.
For decades opened and closed by a stranger's hands and called by another name on the other side of the world...

Unfortunately thousands of ZARs.


Roy said...

sorry I missed you.

Susan A. said...

oh - oh.
I want those doors!