Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harbour House and the Weeping Guitar.

These are things that I like: going for a long walk on the beach. Seeing the street lights come on. Wiping sandy feet on the doormat and watering the garden. Having a yearning for good fish and going to the Harbour House for dinner.

 Rare Yellowfin Tuna on a bed of garlic-mashed potato. Salsa verde and wasabi mayonnaise. Wilted greens. All topped with a perfectly poached egg. Waves crashing around us. Service was the perfect balance between quality attention and leaving well enough alone.
Afterwards we sat looking over the bay and listened to Righard Kapp play his guitar live on Pan African Space Station. "A mixture of composed pieces and spacey improvisation." The first time I came upon Righard, he was playing his guitar with a small handheld fan. It made the guitar sound like a lute or a sitar. He makes his guitar laugh and talk and wail. He takes an instrument of wood and metal and strings and makes it breathe. Later I drove home in the misty rain and saw lightning far away on the horizon.
Harbour House. Kalk Bay Harbour. Kalk Bay.
021 788 4133


Marie said...

I'm glad you think it is still good. There is hope. Long one of my favourite places, they were trying to change things last time we went, and I was sorry that they felt it necessary to mess with a winning formula.

tanja said...

Richard Kapp is a revelation. Lovely. Looking forward to sandy feet on your doormat, lovely lady.

Here, I can say I like birch trees flaming yellow in defiance of grey autumn skies. That from the bus headed for Svaksta Airpot, Stockholm. Mossy forest floor. Oh, forests.

And hey, I am forced to note, at the risk of Stirring the Pot: you said 'on a bed of'. That's a matter for consideration, that bed of business. A cosy duvet of? A nest of? A hot mashed mattress of garlicky potatoes? Heh heh.

Lily Turner said...

oh dear. I confess to an unforgivable case of menu-patois. a fluffy cumulus of? a billowing mash of? fmmm. indeed you have Stirred the Tart.