Monday, October 18, 2010

More things I like, including the Olympia Cafe.

I met an incoming plane from Ethiopia.

 Have you noticed, The Man With The Generous Heart asked me. Have you noticed, that when you type Addis Ababa, it feels like you're playing the piano? (I type those words and always I hesitate before the last "ba")
In Addis Ababa, The Lip tells me, there is no litter on the streets. Most people don't have cars or tv's. They are poor, they walk and they are happy. They don't beg. Maybe it's because they don't have tv's that they don't wish for more uneccesary things. They weave and they beat silver.

 All of a sudden it is Summer. Summer means fish and vegetables for supper.

 I love the Olympia Cafe. Many don't. They complain about all manner of things. They say it's not so clean. They say it's overrated. They say it's for tourists, perhaps because it's a busy place. I have always been satisfied. We once had a seafood ragout that, if I could replicate it, I would die a happy woman. I've dreamt about it. The lemon brulée tart is a revelation. 
Last night's fish was wonderful. Alaskan Salmon, moist and pink inside, served crispy skin side up - the skin like some kind of delicate crackling. Aioli, roe, small grilled tomatoes, skinny green beans, roasted almonds.

 And in the morning: a big fruit salad. My first taste of an Asian pear - crisp and juicy. The miniscule green label reads: Delicious Pear to Gentle Pressure.
Then, a swim in the sea. It agrees with my hair and my skin is salty and covered in a faint sun blush.
❤ Cape Town in the Summer ❤
Olympia Cafe & Deli
134 Main Rd, Kalk Bay
021 788 6396


Marie said...

A very nice post.

I have been a detractor, sometimes. I like the food, but feel I could die waiting for it.

Love your fruit platter. Grenadillas. Here they cost a dollar each, if you can find them.

Lily Turner said...

the trick is to avoid Olympia at breakfast and lunch during season. supper time is generally safe and you don't wait. I've just planted a grenadilla vine in my little garden - to climb all over a large dead tree I am hoping. :)

Petro said...

I'm new to your blog and I love it!Die Olympia Cafe is die beste plek in die Kaap. Hulle kos is wonderlik. My kinders is studente in Stellenbosch en ry Olympia toe vir spesiale geleenthede.

Lily Turner said...

Dankie Petro!
en Olympia se beet ciabatta... met hummus en tamatie. delicious.

arcadia said...

Ek is een van Olympia se die hard fans. Smoorverlief.