Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It waxes gibbous.

A difficult, even dangerous day in all astrological traditions. It is suited only for struggles with enemies and the destruction of anything outmoded. On this day, good deeds and noble actions may bring a very different result to the one you had been hoping for. It isn't suitable for starting anything important, especially connected with earning money. Marriage is undesirable, and you should also avoid drunks.

 Oh dear. I have a nasty cold. Luckily there are movies to watch. There is miso soup with rice noodles and crunchy mange tout and baby corn. The Morning Visitor has extended his visit and lies purring on my best blanket. Seems I chose a good day to stay in bed.


Chris said...

Get well soon Miss Appletart. :)

Lily Turner said...

thank you big C. sniff.