Monday, October 4, 2010

~ The Imperial Tiger Orchestra is the coolest thing since electricity ~

Or: The lead actress is in my car...
Or: Brice Wassy ~ you're the man! 
Or: Bye Bye Albert.
I spent an evening and a very late night with some of my favourite people on Friday. :-)
The Production Designer made a mean broccoli and coconut curry. We had it with champagne. Then off we whizzed to the Albert Hall, which sadly is closing down. I've been invited by Nursery Rhymes for Adults Inc. to collaborate on their next project. The lead actress was handed over for a wardrobe fitting and she came along for the ride.

 Brice Wassy, you are the man. You with your leather hat and your beaded vest and your animal tooth necklace and your killer smile. 
Mr.Wassey's drumming was superlative and he was accompanied by an equally nimble-fingered bass guitarist and keyboard player. Their hands were a blur.
these photos from E.'s i-Phone
And then: The Imperial Tiger Orchestra. They're a six-man outfit from Geneva playing tunes inspired by the Golden Age of Ethiopian music in the 70's. With trumpet, saxophone, drums and an assortment of strange Ethiopian instruments, this bunch of snake charmers had us mesmerized and very, very happy. Dark and jolly. The epitome of rhythm.

Fantastic people, I want you on my i-Pod.

And so long Albert, I miss you already.


Bryn said...

Grrr. Still can't believe I was convinced to miss the Orchestra. I guess I'll just have to queue them up on their website and close my eyes and pretend I'm sitting on the Albert's ridiculously shiny bar.

Lily Turner said...
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Lily Turner said...

Bryn, if I could, I would follow these people like a Grateful Dead-head.

Anonymous said...

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