Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reunions, Discoveries and Differences

 The boyfriend of my sixteen-year-old self said to me at the reunion on Friday night: "I'm surprised to see you here - not really your style, is it?" I'm a reserved kind of person and I mostly keep to myself. Now I offer this suggestion: go out and play. I'm discovering that I'm not that shy anymore and it was FUN.

 Kewpie is ready for her starring role in the next production by Nursery Rhymes for Adults Inc.
As I was sewing the last stitch, I remembered an incident from last Friday night at the Albert. The Tall Drink of Water and I were standing chatting at the bar when a very annoying man came up to us and held his finger to his lips. The band hadn't started yet and we were quite some distance from the stage. The Tall One said: You can't be serious! Annoying One continued with his charades. He was dressed like a Buddhist monk, with robes and shaven head. Just the Clark Kent spectacles detracted.
It so happened that I ended up standing behind him in the crowd and was just thinking how nice it would be to draw something rude on his shiny head with a fat khoki pen, when the Tall One piped up: "Ek wil sommer 'n mes dwarsdeur hom steek!" ( something to the effect of wanting to stick a knife right through him, like a skewer... ) I like these differences between men and women.

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The Koki pen been mightier than the mes? - Niki