Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Librisa Spa at the Mount Nelson.

I've always loved the Mount Nelson Hotel. Mostly I visit for work meetings or to dress some or other set. We've transformed the ballroom so many times - it's perfect for period pieces. When you come to the Librisa Spa, however, you feel like a guest and a guest only - what with the slippers and the thick white robe and the fresh juice. The assumption is made that this spa is more expensive than others, just because of it's location, but it isn't. I paid R350.00 for a forty minute massage. This includes use of the sauna and plunge pool and as much juice and tea as you could possibly want. After treatment, you're encouraged to get your bearings by lying down in the conservatory. This is a wonderful thing in itself - big windows, a waterfall, huge tree ferns and banana palms.

Thembi's massage was the business - I hope her hands are insured.
I asked her to focus on my neck, back and shoulders, but she also worked on that pressure point at the base of the thumb. Sneaky. And painful as a loose tooth.
She used rose essential oil from India. 
I think I'm hooked.


arcadia said...

Ek is glad nie into traditionally feminine pastimes nie, maar ek is mal oor spas. Was jy al vir die afternoon tea by die Mount Nelson? Die koek is nie orgasmies nie, maar dis 'n heerlike experience om vir drie ure lank op die stoep te sit en tee te drink.

O, en ek hoor ons eet dalk saam in die nuwe jaar. Pret pret ;-)

Lily Turner said...

ja - die high tea. dit is lekker. en duur! (R160)
Suster - ek is bok. Sien julle onder die boom!