Monday, December 6, 2010

Shoot day nine and the beauty of it.

An eleven day car commercial. Roads, leaves, dust, tar and number plates. It can be a macho affair and sometimes you have to search for the beauty. Yesterday it wasn't difficult. We started on the Foreshore and just after dawn, the light turned magical.

At midday we moved on to Darling Street. I remember shopping at Wellington Fruit Growers with my mother when I was a teenager. We'd buy pasta, cheese, Smyrna figs, dates... Now it's the Eastern Food Bazaar.

Not fine dining this, but it's tasty and really cheap and entertaining. I always have the same thing when I come here: butter chicken, naan, dhal. Yesterday I wasn't eating but became enthralled by the chaat stand. I made some new friends and they thought it was a very strange thing - this woman photographing their food. They offered me a taste here and there, delicately, with tongs. When I told him that I was part of the lot blocking the road, he asked: Are you from Hollywood?

Around the corner, big lights and dust devils.


Chris said...

so it was YOUUU. will we catch up before xmas? miss your face.

Lily Turner said...

my sweet, I don't even know what day of the week it is right now. but we'll make a plan for sure. x

arcadia said...

I love the Eastern food bazaar. Apparently the schwarma's really good too.

tanja said...

I take my woolly bobble hat of to you miss tart. I expose my hat hair. For finding the beauty, for wandering around the corner, and for having the energy to post about it after a day of devils. Here, there is also beauty. Sun, for a start. And frosty leaves. A frozen pond. Where have the newts gone? Sterkte met die werkte!

Lily Turner said...

why thank you miss t.
if I didn't wander around corners I would surely go insane.