Wednesday, December 22, 2010

These lazy days.

I saw creamy pale flamingoes from the M5 yesterday. 
A stuffed Santa Claus in a striped deckchair in Retreat, bleached by the sun.
I felt an unborn baby girl's foot pushing against the inside of her mother's belly.
The house smells like cardomom and almonds.
We sip Pimms by the pool.
The mounted police clip clop past and steam rises from the hot tar road.
 This morning someone blows me a kiss at the reservoir and I have a good feeling.
The one where you run and you run and you don't get tired.


Anonymous said...

I love the feeling of nostalgia you evoke. Your posts often stay with me for days.
I liked what you said to me at that party a few nights back, about how doors open.
Thank you and happy holidays.

Marie said...

I love those running dreams.

I tried to practise one in OR Tambo airport yesterday between international and domestic but I got all sweaty. I don't have luggage carts in the dreams...

Lily Turner said...

no dream! :-)
and welcome home.

Marie said...

Ay! You were really running. Alas, I have never really been running and NOT felt tired! :-) Well done! And thank you...