Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hanging in the hood.

Below Rafiki's, corner of Kloofnek and New Church Street. It used to be Robert's Bar years ago. I loved that bar and I loved Robert. He was the coolest publican ever. He'd ask:"the usual?" and he always got it right. And he wore his sunglasses at night.
Then it became an internet café. A scooter shop. A disappointment really. BUT. Now it's:

We did some epic shopping for salmon yesterday morning. Then stopped here for a coffee. Really good stuff.

Up a few stairs is their bar - The Black Ram. We went back there for pre-dinner drinks and ended up having many a Darling Slow Ale. It became full, full, full. Friends arrived. The people at the table next to us played miniature pool, with tiny little cues.
And then the salmon.
The salmon deserves it's own post it was so good.
But I'm tired.

Beleza across the road has a small shop selling vintage clothing.Why do I love old stuff so much?


Sam said...

I used to go to Robert's A LOT. see you at the new place!

Chris said...

Great to bump into you! xx

H.S. said...

I also like old things, that connection to the past and nostalgia. thanks for a year of great writing and pictures!