Wednesday, March 2, 2011


You know those shimmering hot days when you drive around to a hundred places, knowing full well that Cape Town in March 2011 is not the place to find authentic 5th century dressing for a commercial featuring King Arthur? And on top of it all, you feel fat?
So you can either go home and drink wine or you can go to the theatre with your dear friend. I did both.

No photo does Mummenschanz justice.
The show is a constant enthrallment. Just as you think: THIS, this is the best part, they do something better, funnier, more touching. I loved it when the big yellow slinky man batted a giant red balloon into the audience and we batted it back. The illuminated ribbons of light swishing through the air. The man who cried toilet paper tears. The inflated organ as big as a car. It changed from liver to heart to grinning head, to ominous thing engulfing part of the front row, to a small puddle of fabric. Mummenschanz wobbled and floated and soared across the stage. Deceptively simple and fiendishly clever are these elegant illusionists. Then, to final bravos, they whip off their camouflage and you see the people underneath. Grey hair, beautiful smiles. They've been doing this masquerade since 1972.

Mummenschanz is on at the Baxter till 19 March.

Yes, I still feel fat. It's just one of those days. But my heart is light as spun sugar.


Chris said...

days like that... but Lils you are skinny like a mynx!

Roy said...

very cool post. I'm going to go and see them next week. ( sometimes I feel phat too. )

Lily Turner said...

ag thanks.
it's nice having friend boys like you.