Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flickering flames.

The last couple of days in the studio have been a good mixture of exciting and boring. The child in me always gets excited when I hear the words special effects. I'm not sure why, but it thrills me to see fire on set. The double lights above are for creating more of a flicker.
I had to do shopping in Stellenbosch again and once more was taken aback by the friendliness of that town. A shopkeeper ran out of his shop when I passed by twenty minutes later, to ask if I'd found what I'd been looking for, and to make another suggestion. Two kids kissing passionately on a corner stopped for a few seconds to say they'd seen me earlier and that they really liked my Fokofpolisiekar t-shirt.
It was like... Canada.

My favourite medic gave me a small tin of Zam-Buk salve the other day, for chapped lips after a day on the lake. It contains Eucalyptus, Camphor, Thyme and Sassafras. Whenever I open the tin I'll think of this shoot. I used some on my elbows too, and last night I put some on my foot, after my tall friend patiently removed a sliver of glass with a needle. While he operated, he told me about this girl he used to know. He had a crush on her for two years, and he still thinks about her from time to time.
There's just no herbal balm for that.
It's kind of exhausting having a crush on someone. I'm bemused by the way I feel. This normally quite erudite person turns into a blushing, awkward ten year old.
Dumbstruck. Unable to eat.
But it makes you realize that you're human, that the heart heals, that you can be excited about romance again.
And that tastes sweet, sweet, sweet.


Chris said...

Dearest Appletart,
talking to you last night was better than any herbal balm.
take care of your heart and your foot.

T. said...

Isn't it funny how when you most want to impress someone... you end up a tongue-tied nitwit.
I wish you well and encourage your writing. I look forward to every post!

Marie said...

good good good