Thursday, March 24, 2011

He says, she says.

I woke up at four and realized with quite a shock that it's almost April. It's all still under wraps, but a bunch of us are collaborating on an exciting new project and I need to do my bit.
So last night I met the photographer extraordinaire at Hesheng (which happens to be a he plus a she with an ng for luck) and we picked up some Dim Sum to go.

She did a bit of styling, he did a bit of shooting, and then they ate the props.

Photo by Karl Lilje.

Later today I'll be sharpening my knives and having my portrait taken. Slightly petrified.
maybe I liked being photographed when I was small...

but now that I'm big, not so much. Wish I could go back in time and tell that eight year old some important stuff. Anyway. It's all about that thing I promised myself at the beginning of the year -
pushing the boundaries of comfort and living a different kind of life.
Left foot, right foot.
With some dancing along the way.


Chris said...

cutest ever eight-year-old,
shy/brave, beautiful woman.
good luck!

Marie said...

The suspense!

Tell me about the photographs. Awful. Eek.

tanja said...

oh, that photo, the pool, the bikini, such comfortable in the skin-ness.

dancing and explorer plodding - winning combination.

will you be in a red bikini miss tart? by your pool?

Lily Turner said...

I miss those uncomplicated days!
my current bikini has black happiness rainbow stripes. but alas the weather is falling and the starlings are tossing pieces of moss into the pool.
a date next summer.