Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Woodstock Vintage and how the days rush by.

Over the years I've bought many a beautiful thing from a certain man at the Milnerton Market. He has that elusive thing which is bandied about a lot in the art department... Nazeem has an eye.
So imagine my delight when he told me that he
was opening a shop!
And here it is:

Woodstock Vintage, Amen's Building (it's avocado green.)
131 Sir Lowry Rd

I couldn't resist this Leopard plate. Kruger National Park special edition, by Wedgewood nogal.

 At around twenty-five past on the picture above, there's a small galloping warthog so jolly, just thinking about him makes me smile.

Back at construction, big things are happening. A huge round table is being built for King Arthur.  A prow is being carved for a barge - the head and slender neck of a mythical horse.
A large shipment of fake fur arrives tomorrow at dawn. Skinny cats gather on the foreshore.

The sun feels lower every day. Down the road there are drifts of crackling brown leaves. The pigs and the squirrels are out foraging.
Come evening, the sky is on fire.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ms Turner. Loads of new stuff in the shop tomorrow. Ref our FB page.


Roy said...

this the cool guy with the french stuff? where we bought the brown and white plates?

Ed said...

Small fox, 7 to 12?

Lily Turner said...

yes. and yes.

arcadia said...

Ag Lily, ek besef jou werk is seker maar ook baie moeite en exhausting, maar ek vind dit enchanting :-)

Lily Turner said...

dankie Arcadia.
daar is beslis oomblikke!