Sunday, March 20, 2011

That big bad moon.

Nasa promised a full Moon of rare size and beauty which would rise in the east at sunset on 19 March. It was an Extreme Super "Perigee Moon", the closest to Earth in almost 20 years. 
It was also a Fish Moon (with a nod to Pisces),
a Chaste Moon and a Sleepy Moon.
Sleepy was I, but didn't sleep much. Her light was just too bright.
I sat out by the pool in the late summer heat and listened to some werewolves howling in the street.
When there's a Full Moon, more accidents happen, more violence, more aggression. Perhaps it's just because more people are out and about. My neighbors played their bongos till 4h30 and I can imagine that got some people quite worked up, judging by the shouting and the swearing.
Facebook was quite amusing this morning, what with people wanting to reach out and throttle one another. I quote a certain foreign lady: "Oh & how... my next door neibor needs to get fucked up! He thru a fucking fire cracker into my yard & then my staffie attacked my toypom as she got a fright. I wish I could get a baseball bat & fuck him up with it!"

(Current Moon photo from the U.S. Naval Observatory)

I had a swim just before five and stumbled off to bed. In my dream we kissed a long goodnight and off he dashed into the dusky dawn, trailing twisted cables in his wake.


Chris said...

Snap! I dreamt about her for the first time in ages and in this dream we also kissed. super nice.

Anna said...

Your posts have been so sweet lately. A lightness of spirit. Happy for you.

Lily Turner said...

Big C, I'm wondering if that dream kiss could be beat.
and Anna, thank you. yes. things are on the up.