Monday, March 21, 2011

How to meet Kurt Darren.

Drive through all the booms at the casino, towards the Grand Arena. Tell the guards that Derek sent you, that you are coming to photograph the grand piano.
They won't ask any questions.
There's a metal detector at the door and your bag may be searched, so don't take a gun.
Walk through any of the open doors.
Stumble around on the stage, looking for the piano. (It's in the far left corner, in the dark - you'll have to use a flash) Bump into Kurt and say hello.
Make small talk.
Wish from the bottom of your heart that he was Nick Cave instead. Or Marco Pierre White.


Roy said...

there are people who would give anything to meet KD!!
ungrateful wench.

ckzero said...


funny, very funny

tanja said...

The 'big KD' you mean? Jissis man. And does Marco Pierre White play the piano then? Skouspel indeed. Nice work if you can get it, this set dressing eh?

Lily Turner said...

well. he certainly plays mine.