Thursday, April 7, 2011

Animal coffee and other urban adventures.

A dreamy day, this.

It started with a lily unfolding with an audible pop as I watched, dazed in skull'n'bone pajamas.
Then the beauty and the horror that was Black Swan.
Then new places with Shonah - she of the raw food delights.

In my lucky packet today: ginger-almond-spice stars. I ate three in a quick row. Well, "ate" is putting it politely. Not to mention the raw chocolate with roasted cocoa nibs and hazelnuts. Good gracious. This woman has talent. We had a really good coffee at Haas in Rose Street, though not the eighty buck cup of Kopi Luwak...

 We spoke about the travel bug. I was told in the nicest way possible to get on with it.
This great procrastinator still hasn't renewed her passport.

I highly recommend a visit to Haas. It's an interesting, friendly place with a gallery full of quirky and lovely things.

We regrouped this evening at enmasse for a Thai massage. It was like stepping into some serene kind of underwater laboratory. And thank the Lord - no crap spa soundtrack of wailing sea creatures or ethereal choirs. Nouvelle Vague, Mirwais, John Martyn, even some dub. In white Thai pants and tunic, you're massaged on a comfortable white mattress on the floor. There are pillows and fluffy white blankets. The scent of aniseed. Deep rocking and rolling of pressure points. Stretching and kneading. At times you float like a skydiver. At times it feels as if a big and gentle jungle cat is walking all over you. At times it hurts, but in a really good way. Afterward, amazingly I could still walk and talk - in a fashion. Sipped Turkish apple tea from a beautiful glass.
Back next week, same time.
A devotee.


Chris said...

a charmed life!

ckzero said...




Lily Turner said...

dankie honey!
mees amazing ding: vanoggend geen pyn in my heup - vir die eerste keer in 'n jaar.

tanja said...

sounds delicious all round.

float like a skydiver is just right.

and magtig vroumens, passport. renew. forms fill in. queue. easy peasy. eh?

GRIM WOOD said...

ooo lily dit klink baie lekker.

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