Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello Sailor!

As my friend Smutty so succinctly puts it: hou my vas!

Finally made it to Hello Sailor for dinner.
We had:
Chicken liver paté with sourdough toast.
Disco Fries.
( skinny fries, mushroom gravy and cheese, melted under the grill. So wrong and yet... so right )
Vetkoek - light as clouds with crispy edges, curried mince and sambals.
Lamb cooked slow in a complex gravy of tomatoes, rosemary and cinnamon.
A bottomless glass of Merlot.
A toast to my dear Mom who turns 75 today.
A toast to Winter and tummy rolls.

That's chef Maggie in the background, like a dervish in the kitchen. This is my kind of place.
Twas a perfect rainy night in Observatory. Hipsters and muscle cars. Dragon breath walking back to my car.
Full as a tick.

and Fi. This is for you.


Marie said...

You don't have tummy rolls.

Vetkoek. Long sad sigh from this end of the world...

Lily Turner said...

Marie - I'm only thin when I'm sad. and right now I am very, very happy!
the vetkoek was pale yellow on the inside - turmeric. and they were small and round. very different from my Ouma's.

petro said...

Dis so mooi beskryf, ek kon dit proe!

Lily Turner said...

dankie Petro!
sjoe. so laatnag en ek luister ou blues. sou maklik nou weer daai disco fries kon eet...

fi said...

Oh Wow Lily. Thanks for the pic! I drive past this often and have always thought I must take a photo for my facebook pic ;) now you have done it for me :)

Your menu at Hello Sailor is making me drool. I want to go there now!

arcadia said...

Damn. Moet daar uitkom.