Sunday, April 3, 2011

Food that sticks to your ribs.

Someone said to me the other night that eating warm marrow, scooped from the bone and spread on toast, is better than a first kiss. It's been on my mind ever since. Scientists believe that during evolution, our brains started growing when we began sucking marrow from bones... so we had some last night at Societi - they've just added them to their Autumn menu. Sourdough toast, salsa verde and two 18" bones on a plate. Not a pretty picture. But darned delicious. No wonder Anthony Bourdain wants this as his last meal. Many glasses of red wine later, we all piled into and out of the Fish's newly refurbished 1969 Mini Cooper, aka Minnie Driver. She is pale blue and white and heaps of fun. Helter-skelter and all the way home.
After a night like that, it seemed only fitting to go to the Natural Goods Market for lunch today.

I've been wanting to try my friend Shonah's raw food for some time now. It was delicious. The overruling thought as I ate that first mouthful: clean
I sat at a big communal table and ate, tapping my foot to Soft Cell and LKJ, catching snippets of conversation about hyperactive grandchildren, muggings in New York, olive chutney...
In my bowl: raw Pad Thai, black-eyed bean Thoran with coconut milk and a very unusual and moreish sweet potato and avocado salad. A dessert of macadamia truffles and cranberry brownies. Equals one happy Lily.
And all of that for the price of a Big Mac and a Coke.
Mr Bourdain rants amusingly about this phenomenon in his book The Nasty Bits:
"Whenever possible, try to eat food that comes from somewhere, from somebody. And stop eating so fucking much. You may as well stop snacking on crap while you're at it. Save your appetite for something good! Take a little more time! All that rage and frustration, that hollow feeling so many of us feel - for so many good reasons - can be filled up with something better than a soggy disc of ground-up assholes and elbows. Eat for nourishment, yes, but eat for pleasure. Stop settling for less. That way, if we ever do have to get in there and "smoke evildoers out of their holes," at the very least, we'll be able to squeeze in after them."


Marie said...

Ha, I love bone marrow. My mom used ot give it to us on toast when we were little. Too much and it's perfect gal aanval food...

Nice with parsley and raw onion and lemon juice, but salsa verde sounds perfect. Hadn't thought of that.

Roy said...

maybe we should just get married.

Lily Turner said...

gosh Roy. that's so romantic.