Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lonesome Dave and his magic box of tricks.

We went to see Dave Ferguson at the Granddaddy last night as the sun set. A true one man show. Nary a roadie in sight. There's a man, his voice and a harmonica. A flesh and bones beat-box. An array of tiny controls at his feet. He records live loops and then he layers and overlaps them to make songs. A silent projection behind him shows old blind blues singers, couples dancing swing, people clapping on a night similar to this one, lost in black and white.
Oh, what a crooner is he.
It always surprises me that there aren't hordes of girls throwing underwear, at least.

Watch the video to see how he turns a familiar song into something new. Last night it sent shivers down my spine.
Listen to some of his own great songs at myspace.
 And if you missed him last night, there's one more chance to see him before he leaves for Europe.
Saturday 30 April at the Harley Davidson Club, 64 Canterbury Street, 9pm onwards.
Along with Them Tornadoes and Peachy Keen.
See you there!


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