Friday, April 1, 2011

Very hush hush.

I've been working on a commercial shrouded in secrecy. The actors are very famous - you know, they have entourages.
We've spent the last week milling about in the rain and the mist and the dark. Imbued with the scent of lemon trees and lavender, and wet grass. Outlandish theories on making a St Joseph lily open faster. (use shower steam)
The Cure on a loop in my car.
A room with seven hundred and forty four lit candles.
Egyptian cotton sheets.
Sports cars.
White doves bickering.
And fire on set.
Lots of it.


Roy said...

is that bike real???

Lily Turner said...

yes. and no.

Marie said...

Jirre kriek.

Anonymous said...

So its been a month - whooooo was it? Hints or even just hintlets?