Thursday, August 12, 2010

"The Big Hole" at the Kimberley Hotel.

The blurb promised "a madcap art exhibition and party". Not. The art was badly displayed (ie. in piles on the floor) and badly lit.
And where were the Kentridges? No-one knew.
The Kimberley reminds me of those hotels in Grahamstown in the late eighties. Downstairs there are still signs of a grander heyday - pressed ceilings and beautiful old tiles. Then follow the brown carpeted stairway all the way to the top and see the refurbished bedrooms. In former days this was a brothel. We did an impromptu little shoot:

 And discovered some psychedelia.

 There was a good crowd of people, but I wouldn't call them revellers. Everyone seemed a little low. We're blaming it on solar flares and the proximity of Mars... 
A photographer said to me: "August is the darkest month."
I said: "Bring on September."
Kimberley Hotel, Corner Roeland and Buitenkant Streets, Cape Town, Tel: 021 461 2160

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Anonymous said... least they put some bubble wrap under the piles of paintings...