Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shoot Day 1.

 Philadelphia. Drove there in the dark and the rain. Bitterly cold. Deep mud. First shot: between the road and a wheat field. When the sun came up the wheat started to sparkle. Watched some sheep being herded.

 James has this Super Stand-By Cart. Anything you may need on the fly:

 Sweet little people. I showed them the pictures on my camera's display and they ran away laughing. Then they hid behind things and followed me. The tiniest one's name is Poekie.

  Drove back through dazzling fields of luminous alfalfa and canola. Just before Van Schoor's Drift a farmer has gone to the trouble of putting up three colourfully painted signs in a stubbly meadow. They say HARD, LUCK and BAFANA.

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Marie said...

Beautiful images.