Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shoot days 2-5 including curry.

 The days passed in a whirl of early mornings and late nights, split shifts, helicopter dust, flat tires and finicky props. At the stone cottages we left behind a field of crushed snowdrops.

 Somehow I managed to fit in the August dinner club at The Cookshop on friday night. 'A Feast of Curries'. They keep these affairs small - it was like going to eat at someone's house. The okra was really good and the chutney the best I've EVER tasted - tamarind/date/chili/ginger, thick and jammy.
I like The Cookshop and the people who run it. Definitely be going back there for breakfast.
The Cookshop 117 Hatfield Street, Gardens 021 461 7868


Marie said...

Great pictures -

Are those the cottages opposite Kirstenbosch? I love that park with snowdrops and narcissus. They were squashed?????

Lily Turner said...

some of them, unfortunately. cars and people.

Kris said...

where is the Cookshop?